Cayuga Waterfront Trail – A Relaxing & Beautiful Stroll along Cayuga Lake :)

I am approaching my one year mark for living here in the Finger Lakes :)… Last summer and fall I noticed walkers, bikers, and rollerbladers using a trail along Cayuga Lake.  Spring is here,  but I still hadn’t explored this trail and what it had to offer.  This trail is called the Cayuga Waterfront Trail and made for a lovely afternoon stroll along beautiful Cayuga Lake and Cass Park in  Ithaca, NY.

After visiting the Ithaca Farmers Market yesterday, I decided to check out the Waterfront Trail while my fiance helped our friend paint his sailboat and get it ready for sailing this summer!

I accessed the 2 mile loop around Cass Park along the southwestern shore of Cayuga Lake.  This part of the trail was completed in 2003.  It was really pleasant yesterday for me to be able to take in the beauty of Cayuga Lake and see the happiness in the people who were utilizing the trail on this holiday weekend.

The paved, 10 foot wide Waterfront trail around Cass Park and along the Cayuga lake waterfront is maintained very well, offers mile markers along the trail, benches that overlook the lake, and the Cass Park setting.  Cass Park is lovely and has a swimming pool, four tennis courts, twenty athletic fields, playgrounds, and a large picnic pavilion!  You will also pass the Ithaca Children’s Garden on the trail which is home of the giant turtle Gaia!  It’s really wonderful to see such a beautiful park and trail system that offers so much to our community. There were several people enjoying picnics and taking in the beauty of the lake yesterday.

The Cayuga Waterfront trail is under development and when complete will be a six mile, multi use trail.  In addition to the two mile Cass Park loop, there is also a completed 1.7 mile connector between Stewart Park and the Farmers Market. This section of the trail was completed in 2010.  The section of the trail that is under development will be a 1.5 mile stretch linking the existing trail in Cass Park to the Ithaca Farmers Market.

It’s wonderful to see the initiative to create this trail system along beautiful Cayuga Lake which promotes an active lifestyle and access to the waterfront. You can learn more about the development of the trail on the Cayuga Waterfront Trail website as well as access maps of the trail and parking information.

Looking forward to getting on the Waterfront trail again soon!

Keep Moving and Stay Active! 🙂


SELF MANAGEMENT TOOL BOX: Roleo – Roll Your Pain Away!

This weeks self management tool, Roleo,  is one of my FAVORITES! I am so thankful for this tool as it has helped the longevity of my career as a massage therapist.

The Roleo can also help YOU if you if you use your hands for a living and help keep your hands, wrists, and forearms feeling well with all of the upcoming summer activities like golf, tennis, gardening, paddling, etc!

Just over a year ago I developed a “bump” on a tendon in my dominant hand.  I had pain, inflammation, and difficulty with basic activities.   In addition to the bump, the wrist flexors in my forearm were extremely tight, tender, and fatigued. It felt as though after 12 years, my massage career would be coming to an end.  I saw a hand specialist and was diagnosed with flexor tendonitis.  In conjunction with my doctors plan of rest, stretching, cutting back on clients, and managing the inflammation with ice  etc., I tried massaging my forearm with my left hand… Well this just wasn’t effective enough for me – I was starting to get fatigue in my left forearm because I was compensating for my right arm!! I needed massage, but couldn’t see my massage therapist every week!  What to do…… ROLEO!!!

My brother in law-to-be introduced me to the Roleo.  He works as a scientific glass blower and had also experienced fatigue & pain in his forearms and hands. Seeing his massage therapist on a regular basis was just not enough.

The Roleo allows you to have a firm and specific massage for your forearms, wrists and hands and helps alleviate any symptoms you may have from repetitive activities in your home or office.   It is easy to use  and requires no batteries or electricity.  It reminds me of putting my arm between two rolling pins!  There is a pressure gauge on the top of the product so you can increase or decrease the amount of pressure you feel comfortable with during your Roleo massage! I use the Roleo after working with a client, after a round of golf, or whenever I feel my forearms, wrists, & hands need some TLC.  It has made such a difference and I don’t experience any pain in my hand or forearms anymore!

The Roleo was developed by licensed massage therapist, Paul Klieman.  You can read his testimonial and how Roleo was developed at There is also a wonderful instructional video and detailed written instructions on the website to show you how to use the Roleo.

You can order the Roleo at  I have seen it priced between $27 and $30.  It can also be found at:

– Massage Warehouse (
– Bodywork Emporium stores in Southern California, and other retailers.
– (search: Roleo Massager)

Happy Rolling Everyone!!!