Love Your Lower Body Pedicure ~ August Moon Spa

A pedicure has been on my to do list for myself for awhile, ¬†but I was also in the mood for a little pampering ūüôā ¬†I came upon a pedicure service I couldn’t pass up offered at August Moon Spa¬†at La Tourelle Resort – Ithaca, NY.

Their Love Your Lower Body pedicure sounded so lovely ūüôā A 60 minute pedicure that starts with¬†a detoxifying seaweed soak, followed by a peppermint sugar scrub and mint foot mask.

This was my first visit to La Tourelle Resort & August Moon Spa. ¬†When I checked in for my appointment, I was offered a choice of music to listen to during my session which I appreciated ~ Classical to Asian inspired. ¬† I was taken from their ¬†lobby after checking in to one of their Tranquility Rooms which offered dim lighting, cozy couches & chaise’s, and a fire place which seemed so inviting for the beginning of the fall season. ¬†Cool water and tea were also available in the Tranquility Room.

I was taken from the Tranquility Room to the room for my pedicure. ¬†The ¬†room was small and private with bamboo floors, Asian decor, one chair for the pedicure and the music of my choice softly playing in the background. ¬†The pedicure chair seemed standard to me with the option of a “massage” in the back for added relaxation.

I did not notice a seaweed product in the water while I soaked… It’s possible that is was added to the water, but the water seemed clear and there was no added scent or feeling that I experienced during my soak that made me feel that it was anything other than just water. ¬†(I was so excited for the foot mask that I overlooked this part of my service and forgot to ask the technician after my service what product, if any was used – sorry!)

Details, details ūüôā ¬†I really appreciated the detailed work by my nail technician on my heels, cuticles, and nails. ¬†She was thorough yet gentle. ¬†She then scrubbed my feet with a peppermint sugar scrub (It was applied just to my feet ~ relaxing, but I personally would have enjoyed the scrub further up onto my lower leg in addition to my feet) ¬†The scrub was followed by their warm mint foot mask. ¬†The mask was ¬†thick and luxurious and my feet were wrapped in warm steamed towels while the mask set.

Following the mask came color!!! РAugust Moon Spa offered  OPI & China Glaze polishes. I chose Schnapps Out of It (A peachy/salmon color) and my technician offered a little sparkle over this color for a little more fun Рbecause I am just not ready to say good bye to summer!!

I was completely relaxed after my pedicure & my toes looked so cute! ¬†Overall, I don’t feel like the mask or scrub make an impact on the smoothness of my feet or on the skin on the top of my foot, but the added bonus did feel nice. ¬†My Love Your Lower Body Pedicure was $70 and I look forward to trying other services offered at August Moon Spa.


Norabloom Beauty Lounge – Ithaca, NY ~ Amazing Facial Experience!!!!! :)

My skin looks and feels РAMAZING after my first facial at  Norabloom Beauty Lounge in Ithaca, NY!!!

I am incredibly ¬†happy with the results after the Signature, 90 minute Facial I received from¬†licensed Aesthetician and Makeup Artist,¬†Holly Green… In fact, I think my skin has improved everyday since the facial which was 5 days ago, and not only the skin on my face, but on my neck and decollate as well. ¬†Think – smooth, glowing, clean and smaller looking pores – YES!

I walked into the Norabloom Beauty Lounge and found myself with an instant smile. ¬†The waiting area is welcoming and decorated beautifully with touches of femininity¬†everywhere.. soft browns and greens on the walls and window treatments, a light breeze & sunshine coming in from the open door with lovely fresh potted flowers, and¬†a perfectly set up product/retail area, –¬†I love products! So I was sucked into this area right away admiring Holly’s neatly organized product line, Norabloom Botanicals. ¬†This natural product line is petroleum-free & paraben free, uses no artificial colors, and contains primarily organic ingredients.

Holly took me from her waiting area into the treatment room and offered me the choice of ¬†a cool carrot juice shot or a cool green smoothie shot – Yum ūüôā ¬†The rooms cozy atmosphere and music offer a instant disconnect from the world outside, allowing my relaxation journey to begin!

I crawled under the soft blankets and sheets on to the heated table and into my cocoon for the next 90 minutes. ¬†Holly’s application of products during the facial is done with great intention and she is detailed and thorough with her technique throughout. ¬†During my facial I experienced the amazing scents of Norabloom Botanical skin care products, warm moist towels to remove products and a steam that was perfectly positioned over my face – I find sometimes that the steam can seem overwhelming with my breathing if it is too close. ¬†Her extractions were effective, but not painful, and i really appreciated the special attention to my lips with the Babelicious Lip Balm.

Holly sent me into an even deeper state of relaxation with massage to my neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and feet during my face mask. ¬†I also appreciated the invigorating and detailed face and scalp massage. ¬†After your service, Holly emails you an overview of your personal Norabloom experience that includes products used in your service and recommendations for follow up sessions… I loved this individual attention! ¬†It allowed me to just be, after my service,… I didn’t have to focus on what she recommended or what was used, I just enjoyed being pampered and my relaxation.

As I got dressed I noticed a small card on the table with a quote from Gandhi that said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ¬†Holly clearly demonstrates her passion for pampering and caring for you during your individual Beauty Lounge experience at Norabloom Beauty Lounge. ¬†¬†¬†I left feeling well from the inside – out and gained a true sense of peace and relaxation, plus great looking skin!

Thank You Holly ~ Norabloom Beauty Lounge!!!

Norabloom Beauty Lounge is located at
 313 N. Tioga Street, Ithaca, NY 14850.
Phone:  607-592-8222
You can also book your appointment online!!

My 90 minute Signature Facial cost $115, and prices for facials range from $50 to $165.  Massage therapy, waxing, and other services are available as well! РPlease check out the Norabloom Beauty Lounge  website for a complete list of services, products, information.

Cayuga Waterfront Trail – A Relaxing & Beautiful Stroll along Cayuga Lake :)

I am approaching my one year mark for living here in the Finger Lakes :)… Last summer and fall I noticed walkers, bikers, and rollerbladers using a trail along Cayuga Lake. ¬†Spring is here, ¬†but I still hadn’t explored this trail and what it had to offer. ¬†This trail is called the Cayuga Waterfront Trail¬†and made for a lovely afternoon stroll along beautiful Cayuga Lake¬†and Cass Park¬†in ¬†Ithaca, NY.

After visiting the Ithaca Farmers Market yesterday, I decided to check out the Waterfront Trail while my fiance helped our friend paint his sailboat and get it ready for sailing this summer!

I accessed the 2 mile loop around Cass Park along the southwestern shore of Cayuga Lake.  This part of the trail was completed in 2003.  It was really pleasant yesterday for me to be able to take in the beauty of Cayuga Lake and see the happiness in the people who were utilizing the trail on this holiday weekend.

The paved, 10 foot wide Waterfront trail around Cass Park and along the Cayuga lake waterfront is maintained very well, offers mile markers along the trail, benches that overlook the lake, and the Cass Park setting. ¬†Cass Park is lovely and has a swimming pool, four tennis courts, twenty athletic fields, playgrounds, and a large picnic pavilion! ¬†You will also pass the Ithaca Children’s Garden¬†on the trail which is home of the giant turtle Gaia! ¬†It’s really wonderful to see such a beautiful park and trail system that offers so much to our community. There were several people enjoying picnics and taking in the beauty of the lake yesterday.

The Cayuga Waterfront trail is under development and when complete will be a six mile, multi use trail.  In addition to the two mile Cass Park loop, there is also a completed 1.7 mile connector between Stewart Park and the Farmers Market. This section of the trail was completed in 2010.  The section of the trail that is under development will be a 1.5 mile stretch linking the existing trail in Cass Park to the Ithaca Farmers Market.

It’s wonderful to see the initiative to create this trail system along beautiful Cayuga Lake which promotes an active lifestyle and access to the waterfront. You can learn more about the development of the trail on the¬†Cayuga Waterfront Trail¬†website as well as access maps of the trail and parking information.

Looking forward to getting on the Waterfront trail again soon!

Keep Moving and Stay Active! ūüôā

Spa Day Pass at Rasa Spa – Ithaca, NY

Ahhhhh yes, WELLNESS. ¬†I received a $5 Spa Day Pass at the Holistic Skin Care Talk that I attended last week at RASA SPA. ¬†The Spa Day Pass is one of Rasa’s options for wellness and includes time to rest in the Tranquility Room, use of their sauna, showers and use of the Meditation Alcove. ¬†Sign me up!

I was near Ithaca, NY ¬†last Thursday & decided to call Rasa to see if I could ¬†use my Spa Day Pass… ¬†They were able to accomodate me immediately – yessss!!!

Again, the staff at Rasa was wonderful. I was shown around the areas I was able to utilize in the spa for the day. They provided a locker & key for my clothes, etc and I donned the terry cloth lined Boca Terry robe which was soooo cozy and wahlaa!!  Let the relaxation begin.  It is amazing how relaxed you can feel when you just step out of your normal routine and into a serine environment.

I decided to use the cedar sauna first. ¬†The sauna was clean, spacious, and was heated with a McCoy Sauna heater. ¬†A pitcher of cool water with orange slices was right outside the door so I was able to hydrate while I steamed ūüôā

Rasa offers EO¬ģ¬†products in their showers. ¬†This was my first experience with this product line, and it was lovely! ¬†EO¬ģ¬†is a family owned and operated, Certified Organic Manufacturer of personal care products using the highest grade natural and certified organic ingredients. ¬†I enjoyed the French lavender body wash, citrus shampoo & conditioner which were so refreshing after the sauna. ¬†Lavender can sometimes be an overwhelming smell to me, but EO’s product was made so nicely.

I finished my time at Rasa in the Tranquility room.  I brought my book, got cozy on the chaise lounge chair and read for 15 minutes peacefully before I went back out into the world.

This experience left me feeling refreshed, happy, and just… well ūüôā ¬†Rasa’s Spa Day Pass is $20 and I would absolutely recommend this experience if you need some time to just ~ be.

Holistic Skin Care at Rasa Spa – Ithaca, NY

I attended Rasa Spa’s¬†free¬†Holistic Skin Care Talk this past Tuesday, ¬†March 6th, 2012 in Ithaca, NY.

Rasa’s Lead¬†licensed aesthetician, Holly Green, offered an informative discussion about holistic skin care and Rasa Spa’s commitment to whole health. The talk was given in Rasa Spa’s Tranquility Room which overlooks the Cayuga Lake Inlet.

The Tranquility Room is simply lovely, offering warm soft colors on the walls and window treatments, dark wood floors, fluffy pillows, soft blankets, glowing candles, and cozy chaise lounge chairs. Ahhhh Рrelaxation!!  This room also features local artists paintings and  local woodworked furniture & cabinets are found throughout the spa.  Cool cucumber water  and tea were served Рso refreshing!

 Holistic Skin Care Talk

Holly¬†Green has been practicing for over 14 years and is also a licensed massage therapist. ¬†She is able to offer a holistic mind & body approach to skin care, combining aesthetics and massage therapy in her facials at Rasa. ¬†Holly, along with Rasa’s other aestheticians, ¬†are able to customize¬†your facial for your specific needs. ¬†Holly emphasized Rasa’s goals of ¬†providing unique, individual, and quality services to each client that comes to Rasa Spa.

I appreciated Holly & Rasa Spa’s passion not only for skin care & education, but for health & wellness from within. ¬†Bringing peace & ¬†relaxation from within helps to create a healthy glow and healthy you on the outside! ¬†Holly is excellent at communicating & educating her clients about what is most appropriate for their specific needs!

Facials range from 30 – 90 minutes¬†for $55 – $140¬†and detailed descriptions of facials are available on Rasa’s website¬† ¬†Rasa also offers special facials for those with problem skin such as acne or rosacea, aging skin, and a gentleman’s facial. ¬†Don’t forget to check out options for body treatments as well!

Holly also educated the group on three NEW options for facials at Rasa Spa:

  • RASA SPA ORGANIC INFUSION MICRODERMABRASION¬†(a regenerating facial that uses organic buffing grains infused with lavender that allows for deeper penetration of products and helps to minimize fine lines & increase skin renewal) 60 minutes $140
  • RASA SPA HIGH FREQUENCY CURRENT¬†(an argon filled glass electrode¬†produces varying intensities of infrared light¬†which help kill bacteria, is¬†used to help soothe acne, ingrown hairs, and decrease enlarged pores.) ¬†Add High Frequency to a Rasa Spa Facial of your choice.
  • THE NORABLOOM EXPERIENCE FACIAL for RASA¬†(a custom facial curated by Holly Green (NORABLOOM) & Rasa Spa using¬†botanically-derived products from Norabloom) Pricing – same as Rasa’s 30 – 90 minute facials.

Organic, clean, & nutrient rich products are a focus at Rasa since the skin absorbs 60% of what we apply to what is our largest organ.  Some of the product lines available at Rasa Spa include РEminence Organics, Norabloom, redflower, and local products are also listed on the Rasa website.

What to expect during a facial at Rasa Spa 

  • Fill out an intake form to educate your aesthetician about you, your health history, allergies
  • Enjoy the Tranquility Room & ¬†relax before your session
  • Heated treatment tables & cozy linens
  • Cleansing of the face, neck, decollete
  • Exfoliation of these areas in combination with steam to open pores, making extractions easier if needed
  • Face mask is applied based on your unique skin type
  • Relax & enjoy an arm & hand massage or foot massage while your mask sets
  • Hot towels are applied to soften the mask
  • Moisturizing the face, neck, decollete
  • Consultation/education/samples from your aesthetician complete your personalized experience at Rasa Spa

I appreciated the free and informative session on skin care and signed up for special spa offers, information, and upcoming events on Rasa’s Website. ¬†I’m looking forward to my first facial at Rasa!!!

Rasa Spa is located at 
310 Taughannock Blvd., Ithaca, NY 14850  
Enjoy Rasa’s NEW, second location near Cornell University –¬†Island Health & Fitness Community Corners¬†located at
903 Hanshaw Road, Ithaca, NY 14850
607.273.1740 (use the downtown phone number for appointments at this time)