Love Your Lower Body Pedicure ~ August Moon Spa

A pedicure has been on my to do list for myself for awhile,  but I was also in the mood for a little pampering 🙂  I came upon a pedicure service I couldn’t pass up offered at August Moon Spa at La Tourelle Resort – Ithaca, NY.

Their Love Your Lower Body pedicure sounded so lovely 🙂 A 60 minute pedicure that starts with a detoxifying seaweed soak, followed by a peppermint sugar scrub and mint foot mask.

This was my first visit to La Tourelle Resort & August Moon Spa.  When I checked in for my appointment, I was offered a choice of music to listen to during my session which I appreciated ~ Classical to Asian inspired.   I was taken from their  lobby after checking in to one of their Tranquility Rooms which offered dim lighting, cozy couches & chaise’s, and a fire place which seemed so inviting for the beginning of the fall season.  Cool water and tea were also available in the Tranquility Room.

I was taken from the Tranquility Room to the room for my pedicure.  The  room was small and private with bamboo floors, Asian decor, one chair for the pedicure and the music of my choice softly playing in the background.  The pedicure chair seemed standard to me with the option of a “massage” in the back for added relaxation.

I did not notice a seaweed product in the water while I soaked… It’s possible that is was added to the water, but the water seemed clear and there was no added scent or feeling that I experienced during my soak that made me feel that it was anything other than just water.  (I was so excited for the foot mask that I overlooked this part of my service and forgot to ask the technician after my service what product, if any was used – sorry!)

Details, details 🙂  I really appreciated the detailed work by my nail technician on my heels, cuticles, and nails.  She was thorough yet gentle.  She then scrubbed my feet with a peppermint sugar scrub (It was applied just to my feet ~ relaxing, but I personally would have enjoyed the scrub further up onto my lower leg in addition to my feet)  The scrub was followed by their warm mint foot mask.  The mask was  thick and luxurious and my feet were wrapped in warm steamed towels while the mask set.

Following the mask came color!!! – August Moon Spa offered  OPI & China Glaze polishes. I chose Schnapps Out of It (A peachy/salmon color) and my technician offered a little sparkle over this color for a little more fun – because I am just not ready to say good bye to summer!!

I was completely relaxed after my pedicure & my toes looked so cute!  Overall, I don’t feel like the mask or scrub make an impact on the smoothness of my feet or on the skin on the top of my foot, but the added bonus did feel nice.  My Love Your Lower Body Pedicure was $70 and I look forward to trying other services offered at August Moon Spa.


It’s Sunday afternoon… How about a manicure.. & a chair massage? :)

It was gorgeous, sunny, and 35 degrees today in Corning, NY.   After a long walk this afternoon, I felt refreshed but was in need of a bit of pampering.. Winter is leaving my hands a bit dry and tired…

I decided to explore a new spot for a quick manicure.

Modern Nails & Beauty Spa, located at –  Arnot Mall 330 Chambers Road South, Horseheads, NY 14845

(607-796-2866) was open until 6:00 – walk ins welcome…

Here  I come!

Staff was friendly and attentive upon my arrival… Nice selection of colors. I chose – Essie  DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free  polish –  playa del platinum

I decided on their basic manicure, $12.  I was seen promptly by the nail technician.  He did nice work cleaning up my cuticles and shaping my nails.  The hand massage for each hand was done very quickly with no forearm work… ehhh.

I did appreciate the warm, moist towel after the massage, covering my hands for a moment and removing excess lotion from the fingers and nails.

The manicure was over with in less than 15 minutes, but my nails do  look nice.

  • I noticed 2 massage chairs in the middle of the spa and decided I could really use a quick shoulder and neck massage… 20 minute chair massage $20.. Sign me up!

The massage chair was comfortable and clean.  A face shield was used.  The therapist did not introduce herself or ask me any areas I would like there to be a focus.  I told her I felt most of my tightness in my neck & shoulder region.

Shortly after starting, she began coughing and another therapist took her place.  I appreciate that she did not continue working on me if she was feeling ill, but no introduction to the new therapist.

Pressure was moderate throughout, and overall the chair massage was fair.  I did not enjoy  the use of  lotion near the end of the massage on my neck and upper traps.  I had on a nice long sleave top and did not like feeling the lotion stick to my shirt while he was working on my neck.  I did not expect the therapist to use lotion on the neck or upper back during a chair massage.  I  have only experienced the use of lotion on hands & forearms in a chair massage session.  I did feel relaxed after the session.

I would revisit Modern Nails & Beauty Spa in a pinch or on short notice for a mani or pedi, and appreciate their customer service and am happy with how my nails look today.  I would pass on the chair massage at this location.

Ahhhh, Lovely Day 🙂