SELF MANAGEMENT TOOL BOX: Roleo – Roll Your Pain Away!

This weeks self management tool, Roleo,  is one of my FAVORITES! I am so thankful for this tool as it has helped the longevity of my career as a massage therapist.

The Roleo can also help YOU if you if you use your hands for a living and help keep your hands, wrists, and forearms feeling well with all of the upcoming summer activities like golf, tennis, gardening, paddling, etc!

Just over a year ago I developed a “bump” on a tendon in my dominant hand.  I had pain, inflammation, and difficulty with basic activities.   In addition to the bump, the wrist flexors in my forearm were extremely tight, tender, and fatigued. It felt as though after 12 years, my massage career would be coming to an end.  I saw a hand specialist and was diagnosed with flexor tendonitis.  In conjunction with my doctors plan of rest, stretching, cutting back on clients, and managing the inflammation with ice  etc., I tried massaging my forearm with my left hand… Well this just wasn’t effective enough for me – I was starting to get fatigue in my left forearm because I was compensating for my right arm!! I needed massage, but couldn’t see my massage therapist every week!  What to do…… ROLEO!!!

My brother in law-to-be introduced me to the Roleo.  He works as a scientific glass blower and had also experienced fatigue & pain in his forearms and hands. Seeing his massage therapist on a regular basis was just not enough.

The Roleo allows you to have a firm and specific massage for your forearms, wrists and hands and helps alleviate any symptoms you may have from repetitive activities in your home or office.   It is easy to use  and requires no batteries or electricity.  It reminds me of putting my arm between two rolling pins!  There is a pressure gauge on the top of the product so you can increase or decrease the amount of pressure you feel comfortable with during your Roleo massage! I use the Roleo after working with a client, after a round of golf, or whenever I feel my forearms, wrists, & hands need some TLC.  It has made such a difference and I don’t experience any pain in my hand or forearms anymore!

The Roleo was developed by licensed massage therapist, Paul Klieman.  You can read his testimonial and how Roleo was developed at There is also a wonderful instructional video and detailed written instructions on the website to show you how to use the Roleo.

You can order the Roleo at  I have seen it priced between $27 and $30.  It can also be found at:

– Massage Warehouse (
– Bodywork Emporium stores in Southern California, and other retailers.
– (search: Roleo Massager)

Happy Rolling Everyone!!!


SELF MANAGEMENT TOOL BOX: Str8-n-Up – The Simple Solution to Slouching & Stress

This weeks self management tool, Str8-n-Up, was recommended to me by my acupuncturist, Jennifer Zitkov, L.AC.

Slouch LESS. Hunch LESS. Stress LESS. Str8-n-Up MORE!

Str8-n-Up is an easy to use and portable product that I have been trying out for over 5 weeks with great results!

My goal in trying this product was to improve my posture, decrease pain and fatigue after working with clients, after  traveling, and while working on the computer.

The material is lightweight, breathable, and the product is easy to use.  I love that I can throw this product in my purse and put it on when I need it.  It provides a subtle stretch for 30 minutes at the shoulders, but still allows movement and does not feel restrictive in any way.

After I take off Str8-n-Up, I feel more open through my pecs,  have noted decreased pain and fatigue through my upper traps and back and feel as though my posture is improving!!!

I purchased the black Str8-n-Up with the black buckle for $38.00. Other colors, product information, and sizing information are available at:
LOCALLY in the office of:
Jen Zitkov, L.Ac, CBP  and Dr. Tina Nagle, Chiropractor  located at:
PAINTED POST, NY 14870-1131
Phone (607) 684-7068 or (607) 936-1552

This is a wonderful product and I would recommend checking out the Str8-n-Up website, my testimonial , or visiting the Painted Post, NY office for more information or to purchase a Str8-n-Up!!